[Youth-O-Pedia] A First Step


Finally, it’s only a few days for the launch of Youth-o-pedia so I decided to take a shot at it.

Since my school days, I had the zeal to start out something for the fellows looking forward to know answers to their questions or understanding better the know-hows.

As life went by, things weren’t as simple and the idea just got piled up just like everything else. So when I saw someone going through the same phase that I’ve been once, I thought of reviving the idea but this time, with the right people taking control of the matter. Hence, I had to rope in @iambandana into this. So now the actual project is being controlled by her while I work upon the bits that she doesn’t quite understand.

Long term, we plan to make this the Youth Haven with all the options to know and understand everything and to provide a more sophisticated environment to those who are not normal.

Let’s just hope everything just gets going as planned, We don’t have the specific details ready but the plan is to get everything going by the end of this month and a formal GA next month.

We’re still accepting contributors and welcome anyone with interests in Youth oriented content to join the panel and provide valuable input.

Please feel free to share this post with anyone You deem fit for the project.

More details will be available as we reach closer to the launch.

Thanks for all Your valuable support