What should i do?


Hey everyone,
So I use email forwarding with Namecheap and they do allow it only when we use their basic nameservers.

If I add cloudflare, it stops working.

I am wondering what should i do? I see there are options like Mailgun etc. but I need something absolutely free :stuck_out_tongue:

Anybody got any ideas, guides? ( I need to forward custom emails ending with my domain to a basic gmail account )


Mailgun will forward emails to Your inbox absolutely for Free!

If you need a better option, You can maybe run a local postfix or exim server to catch all emails and send them to your email address but :rotating_light: It has a chance of being classified as spam.

I can offer forwarding (or even a full email inbox) on my mail server as long as you pinky promise to not spam people.


If you want namecheap forwarding, find their MX records that they put into your zone file. You can create those records at cloudflare and cross your fingers hoping it’ll work.


It is a big store with 40-50 orders daily. So we are sending nearly 100 emails all day. I just need to deal with forwarding.

Lemme try luck on mailgun then :slight_smile:


100 Mails/Day! That sums up to 3000 mails/month
Well within the limits of mailgun at 10k emails free/month

You go for mailgun That’ll be the best.



If someone else has same issue like me, Do note, I found https://improvmx.com for Email forwarding and it did the job like charm :wink:


That’s nice!
I totally not trust such services (since they have the potential to use your domain for spamming) and we all know how common it is to see hacking events these days.


Actually one of my other client was using it. So I added it . I hope it all goes good .


A Good rule of thumb:
Never trust a thing because a lot of people use it.
e.g. a lot of people use tiktok, I don’t


Hmm! I am actually getting in doubt. But then How do I find they are trusted or not without using them?


A good security practice is to not trust anything. Until you’ve tested it for Yourself (obviously) but You can’t test it in a production environment.

I trusted mailgun after testing it for random email for at least 3 years and still I prefer to use my own mail server for reliable emails.

If I recommend mailgun today, it is because they have satisfied me over time and have enough security in place to prevent unauthorized access to my content.


Thanks for the advice. I surely need to consider such professional points in coming time

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