What Powers ORNG Central


ORNG Central uses Discourse Platform.

We’re Hosted on OVH

Our Site is Accelerated and DNS Served by Cloudflare

Our Emails are Served Through Mailgun

We use orng.email domain to send emails on behalf of ORNG Central. Auto generated notifications are sent through [email protected]

Our System is Running behind an Nginx Reverse Proxy.

Our SSL is Provided by Cloudflare & Lets Encrypt.

We also support reply by email. You can reply to the email you receive in order to respond to a topic.

We Strictly Hate SPAM, In case You receive any spam from any address claiming to be ORNG, Report it to [email protected]


I’m planning some changes by summer ( somewhere between April-June)

  1. I want to move to dedicated hardware (looking for options as of now)
  2. Figuring out a CDN strategy which doesn’t suck
  3. Better resolution to India

I’ll update as there are any developments.


Can you tell me the benefit of using a separate domain name for emails?


Better handling of mails and spam prevention.

Additional Notes:

We use orng.email for all the system generated emails. (take it as a domain dedicated to mailgun)
that will prevent mail services from considering any mails sent from orng.co from being marked as system generated (hence being put up in non-focus mailbox).


Some Updates!

Still figuring out a decently priced provider. Inclined towards OneProvider or online.net now but they have a very significant drawback of no data retention policy. I need something that gives us the liberty of retaining the data in case of hardware failure.

Very very inclined towards DO Spaces CDN. I’d probably run a few tests in the coming weeks but there’s no coming back from there. I’d probably set up the forum in read only for tests so that there is no new data to be taken care of while I conduct tests.

This is almost impossible unless I either switch to Cloudflare Business Plan or to deploy something like Digitalocean (which I don’t want to given the costs).

Some new Plans include some Plugins for better management of forum.

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