What laptop is the best for Python?


Hi guys,

I am so stoked, I finally chose programming language I will like to work with. I choose Python as it will be useful in Data science.

Though, I will be learning JavaScript (angular.js, node.js) for now and making some things with it, atleast making something here. I can make a software and charge little fee and start to use it to make money.

The issue now is about my laptop.

My current laptop sucks, somehow slow, battery showing “plugged in, not charging” (I have changed several time).

  • good battery (8+ hours at least will be better, there is bad electricity here).

I don’t play games at all, neither will I download videos on laptop, just coding! And sometimes write contents.

Though, I have low budget for this. Let’s say below $500.


Translates to ₹35,000/-


I am not in India neither an Indian.

I am a Nigerian living in Nigeria (sorry if you had bad stuff about my country).

Amazon sucks here, It will take more than two weeks to get here. The delivery fee worsens the situation. And it is going to involve many processes (post office) etc.

Is there any website that will deliver it to my home?

Though there are local shopping websites here; jumia.com, konga.com but I am afraid of fake products… I learnt Amazon will test products before shipping it, but I don’t think here the local do.


You can take the model number and buy it from a shop locally.

I converted that amount to INR so that other members of this forum may be able to reference the amount.

I have no idea about eCommerce in nigeria. You are at Your own in finding a good retailer and ask for this model of HP laptop.


What about HP stream?

This: https://www.jumia.com.ng/stream-14-ax002na-n3060-intel-celeron-4gb32gb-ssd-32gb-flash-drive-14.0-inch-screen-windows-10-purple-hp-mpg240936.html

Just check the specs. If it is cool enough. I know the hard disk sucks, but I can get an external hard disk for it.

What’s your thought about this?


That intel celeron processor won’t be able to compile Any python program.


Wao , will save more money and go for HP Pavilion then. Probably HP Pavilion 15.

Thanks for your time! As usual!:heart_eyes: