We've enabled CDN on ORNG Central


Since there was a need to do something about the very poor performance of the site, I finally made up my mind to get going with KeyCDN, a very Powerful CDN service.

I was having a few issues initially due to the CSP enforced by discourse and that was totally my fault at config which caused the site to break a few times but everything seems stable now.

All the assets are being served from keyCDN’s bengaluru Data center and performance speaks for itself.

If you want to try keyCDN for yourself, Sign up using our referral and get $10 Credits to try their service.
That’s enough to serve your site for a month in most cases.

also, as of now - 20:45PM IST 19/feb/2019 All backups are stored on S3


Font is broken :thinking:


Did you try refreshing?
I’m not loading any additional fonts.

Also, can you view F12 Developer logs to figure out what is being blocked?



Ok I know what it is.

One thing I know for sure is that my font override doesn’t take in account any Microsoft browser but I’ll disable it temporarily. Please wait for me to update this comment.

Update: I’ve disabled the font override, can you refresh and try again?


Yes, font is loading now.


So that is why I didn’t add support for Microsoft. Their support for woff fonts is finicky at best.