Suggestions for Content?


Please feel free to suggest the type of content You guys would like to see! I’d try to prioritise the more demanded content.


Server optimization tips and how-tos. Some programming and Linux stuff.


What kind of Server Optimisation tips are You interested in?

I think I can cover one for LEMP but for anything else, You’d have to be specific about the set-up You’re using and the objective (better loading or better caching or better resource usage etc.)

For Programming, I mostly don’t do it myself. I write shell scripts for automation etc.

Linux is :drooling_face: I can probably give a new tip/trick every weekend.


Do you think it is a good idea to offload wp-content to another server, so it does not impact the actual website?

I think it can be helpful for people who get all the traffic from India and don’t want to use CDN.


I don’t think that’ll make any sense.

Ps: feel free to start a new topic for questions instead of asking on random topics :wink: @Paritosh


I am here to learn about technical stuffs.

I want you write about:

  • web security.
  • cloud servers. The Linux, Ubuntu, AWS, I mean you should priorities (as you’ve said) on “web hosting” generally, and also discuss about CDN, cloud ways. Everything related to hosting a website.



I’ll try to cover some basic practices since every setup is unique and one practice can’t be applied globally.

Cloud Server is no different that Servers in General.

Linux will be covered for sure but if there is someone looking for advice on windows, I’ve got it covered as well.

Just a Linux distro so it’ll be covered in the umbrella topic of Linux, I’ll see what can be done about it.

Any Specific AWS products that You’d want me to cover? They offer over 6 dozen product families so It’s not really worth my time to write overview of all of them.

If web hosting even remotely means shared hosting etc. Forget about it. I’m not even looking at it.

This will also need some specifics. There are at least half a dozen types of CDN that can be discussed.

N.E.V.E.R. forget about it. I don’t like stuffs like cloudways or runcloud or serverpilot as those pose security issues with the way they operate.

Well, website is a vague term.


Sorry, there are typo errors in what I typed earlier.

I was on phone then, the auto-correction changed something I typed to “cloudways” that’s not what I typed.

I mean taking software live. I mean if assumed I create a website with HTML, CSS, PHP, how do I take it to live? Just like you did for

You can discuss them briefly, I am a noob. I don’t even know there are types of CDN!

Write about the important ones, you can make mention of others but not elaborating on them.


That’s bog standard hand coded HTML5 stuff using bootstrap to make it slightly nicer.
Webserver of Choice is Nginx. Config for it is literally 5 lines of code:

server {
    listen 443 http2 ssl;
    index index.html;
    root /var/www/html/;

Looping in @Paritosh shall I do a round up of most popular CDNs?

That’s very vague once again.

While something like SQS (Simple Query Service) doesn’t make any sense, it is a God Sent for some people. While I praise their SNS (Simple Notification Service) People hate it for being insecure.

Nothing is important for everyone, Everything is there to serve purpose for some set of customer.

AWS is Good for scalability, Even something as simple as WordPress can use more than one of their products:
EC2 for Application
RDS for Database
S3 for Storage
Cloudfront for CDN
SES for Email Notifications
Which may not make sense for someone low on budget but the customers which need their sites to be absolutely totally definitely up at all times, AWS or Azure are there for them.


Please do! :smiley:


Which service do you use to monitor websites up-time?


Uptime robot, netdata


The Ultimate guide for moving from self hosted WordPress to :ghost: Ghost CMS.


Definitely. I’ll publish it sometime in the coming week.

there is a small roadblock though, their exporter is currently broken and only works with an older version of ghost & WordPress. An update is coming soon so I may delay it until the tool is updated. Ref: Ghost Docs


I don’t mind even if it is broken, because currently I have few posts only.
I can move manually too. :wink:

If I don’t like, can I switch back easily to WordPress?


Feel free to use this tool then

Instructions in Readme


Guide on how to install Ghost on secure isolated Docker environment.

WIKI: Installing Ghost in Docker

Sure … that can be done.