Say Hello! We go public


Hi Everyone!

ORNG Central goes public today (Jan 26, 2019) With the aim of bringing up an interactive platform for everyone to ask/share/discuss their passion for Programming/Media/Journalism/Publishing/Design/Development etc.

I’ll be here trying to answer as many questions related to Programming/Design/Development, Joined by Very Talented @gulshankumar To take care of Publishing/Blogging/WordPress/SEO
Along with @iambandana Taking Care of Journalism/Publishing/Media.

We aim to make this community a unified platform for everyone. You’re welcome to share your feedback in #site-feedback or request a Category for Specific content. Currently, Everything goes to #uncategorized and one of the mods will take decision on what content needs dedicated attention.

Thank You for being here.

Bhanu Sharma.

Welcome to ORNG Central