ORNG Central was Down


Continuing the discussion from What Powers ORNG Central:

Seems Like there was a transient network issue with OVH. We’re still proactively monitoring the situation. Please follow us on twitter https://twitter.com/orngenterprises as we update any downtime on twitter directly.

We’re currently taking some preventive steps and monitoring the situation with OVH in order to figure out the cause of the problem and ensure that this doesn’t happen again.

in case this happens again, we will be performing an emergency migration to a more reliable service provider.

Thank You for Your patience and @Abhijeet for reporting the incidence.


UPDATE: We have an affirmative update from OVH stating that the host for our VPS had some network connectivity issues. It lasted for about 2 Hours & 15 Minutes.


As a Scrutiny measure, I’ve reset the status page and made it public.

Any future outage to our infrastructure shall be visible on https://status.orng.co/

Service is hosted by the fantastic uptimerobot. we’re currently on free plan (which just works out for us) but in case I’d have additional requirements in future, I may get a premium account.


It was down again a few mins ago.



I was fixing an issue and installing some plugins it required a rebuild.
feel free to tweet @orngenterprises in future :wink: