Mails going in spam what to do



Please suggest me what to do if my mails are going in spam folder .
my domain is

I have tried comparining my domain for google penalty and domain reputation
I am using amazon ses for sending emails



Sorry about the delay in response, I’ll get back with some details in my following reply.
In the meanwhile, can You perform some tests using ?


So I did some tests and it looks like Your Sender Policy Framework (SPF) records do not permit AWS SES as an authorised sender.

What I see is that You have authorised Google and Mailgun to send emails in SPF TXT records but not SES. Please try fixing this issue before proceeding and then share your report for further diagnostics.


How to authorize ses then ?

#5 here is the report link please check what to do


I think You’ve been able to create the relevant SFP record since I don’t see an issue there anymore.

The next thing I’m seeing is that You have no DMARC Record:

Follow the instructions by mail-tester as mentioned in the above screenshot to create a DMARC Record that should help it.

The next issue is related to the envelope from address, I’m currently observing it and will suggest a solution in a separate comment.


So the second problem is caused because the from and reply to address are from different domains.

I’d suggest using the same domain for the From and Reply to


Fixing both of these issues shall possibly improve your spam score and help you in getting emails back to inboxes


Thanks , too quick response from your side is very much appreciated …
I ll check and work for
and Reply to and From section

Also, can be a domain authority problem like ssbizad is not listed on google webmaster


That shouldn’t be a problem since none of our domains are listed and still our mails delivered to gmail etc. Just fine.


Were you able to resolve this?