Introducing Jucer (Beta)


UPDATE #1 Our Website is still under active development. To enquire or order, mail us on [email protected] The service itself is available and we’re actively accepting new orders from customers. If you prefer telegram, We expect formal details and international pricing to be out by the weekend.

Coming Valentines, We’d be launching beta to Jucer (duh! Juicer was too mainstream), a Spiritual successor to Project eddy (whose development was halted due to some internal disagreement. However, after multiple rounds of discussion and ironing out the issues with original idea, here we are today.

With Jucer, We’ll be offering 100% fresh WordPress, Ghost, Discourse, NodeBB, Flarum, Classicpress, MIAB, Mailcow (and others) Juces (Managed Installs). We’ll be taking care of everything (The software, Updates, maintenance and Security) and including extra goodies (Free SSL, Free Emails etc.)

Initially, We’ll be working on create & transfer model but ultimately we plan to create auto install tools to make it simple for you to get your favorite served on the table.

For LxMP Based Installs

(Includes WordPress, Flarum & Classicpress)
₹2,500 + Hosting fee.
We offer the following Customization options: Performance Tuning, Multi site (on supported Installs), Migration, Remote Database, Multi-Server Setup. Comes bundled with letsencrypt SSL (Wildcard Supported) and Free mailgun setup (when you have a mailgun account) to send outbound emails.

For LEMN Based Installs

(Includes Ghost & NodeBB#)
₹3,000 + Hosting fee.
We Offer full deployment & maintenance. Performance tuning, Migration from Supported Platforms, Bundled Letsencrypt SSL and Free mailgun setup (when you have a mailgun account) to send outbound emails.

#NodeBB requires MongoDB so we ship it with that for no added cost.

For Docker based installs

(Includes Discourse, Mailcow)
₹6,500+Hosting fee.
We offer full deployment, Multi Container install (on demand), Performance tuning, Migration from existing forum (for discourse) and from existing email service (for mailcow). We also bundle in some Plugins with discourse which will be soon published on our website. Bundled Letsencrypt SSL, Option to serve through nginx reverse proxy and Free mailgun setup (when you have a mailgun account) to send outbound emails.

For mail in a box

₹1,000 + Hosting fee.
Full deployment, testing and management with SSL (Letsencrypt) included.

For Custom Stack (Lxxx)

  • Linux + Nginx or Apache and any Database-Lang combo
    ₹9,500 - BYOH (Bring Your own Host)

We offer custom stack installs for all major Linux based Stacks including the following combos:
OS: Linux - Ubuntu / Debian / CentOS / RHEL* / ArchLinux / Others (Vendor Specific)
DB: MySQL (or MariaDB) / Postgres / MongoDB
PL: PHP / NodeJS / Python / Ruby / Others (Upon request)
WS: Apache2 / nginx / Caddy / Others (Upon request)
Misc (Upon request) : Redis, memcached, traefik, HAProxy etc.

For all the offers, Pricing is valid for Indian customers only. You can opt for your own hosting. (we have promos for VULTR and DigitalOcean but You can choose from any VPS or dedicated server) If you buy hosting from us directly, we offer 10 Emails (5 GB each) and a 10% discount on installation fee.

For international pricing, Information will be available on our website shortly.

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₹2,500 is recurring or one time?


For BYOH (Bring Your own Hosting) it’s one time.

For those who subscribe to Email Account, a Renewal fee of ₹50/GB will apply from 2nd Year.

If we Provide Hosting, reoccurring Hosting fee will be applicable as per the plan chosen.


Practically, pricing is much better than Cloudways. If I pay $10 every month, then I would end up paying $120 for services worth $60 to Cloudways. In this case, I’m paying only $35 for managing services as compared to $60.
This is great!
But in Cloudways we can host as many sites we want on a single server.


If You don’t already know, You can have something called multisite. If You are all in for WordPress then You can request multisite and can create and map as many WordPress sites as you want on the same server.

Plus, problem with cloudways is control. You gotta. Trust them regarding the control of Your server (they don’t grant root access) but with us, You have the whole server, we’re just setting it up to You.

Granted that our public key will be there on Your server to provide you with system level updates and other support requests but that won’t stop you from accessing your server and doing any modifications/installation etc. On your own.


In multisite we have to use same theme for all the site right? :sweat_smile:



All sites can have their own set of themes and plugins but they’re installed through network admin interface. But since You’re the only person who is ever going to log into it, this shouldn’t be the problem.


Agreed Thanks, Planning to host 5 sites. One with 2k daily pageviews.


2k shall be nominal, I’ll do some tests (afaik, nginx can handle more than that) but still better be safe than sorry :wink:

Update: I found no issues with burst loads of around 5,000 parallel requests in my development environment. If you have issues I have a backup option to use fastCGI and some some combination of page cache. This should work.