I want to LEARN!



I am an aspiring software developer. I am planning to learn many skills with my development.

I am planning to learn about web securities, so I will be able to create unhackable softwares.

And at glance, I am thinking of start with VPS could hosting i.e. Vultr and DO. Then AWS, Google Firebase etc.

I will be available here to learn; and also give answers to other people’s query that I have idea about.


I’d prefer not using the term unhackable because no matter how hard we try, there always is that one small thing that we so badly depend upon (the OS, the Library, the program etc.) Which somehow exposes a weakness in our otherwise impenetrable application. That way, You’ll have to be very rapid (micro seconds rapid) at fixing bugs which appear due to external elements. And you’d also need a crazy fast zero latency connection to all the hosts running your application for them to be able to receive the patch in the fraction of a second from the time you release it.

This already has a lot of flaws but if we take all of that as an exception, network connectivity will mean man in the middle, another potential backdoor for people to be able to hack in. :wink:

I wish You all the very best, will be here to help you out with stuffs to the best of my capacity :slight_smile:


Haha! Can’t wait to get familiar to terms.

How do I go about this?

I am learning programming on W3schools already. Do you still recommend any platform?

I am to learn PHP, JavaScript, Python, etc.


You can try skillshare if You prefer video lessons.

For web applications that require a web-server, nginx has the easiest documentation available online.

For. JavaScript, You have to be specific then I may recommend some.

For Python, contact @Abhijeet if he can’t teach then nobody else can.



I am confused. I am terrified. I am thinking of being straight-forward.

I mean choosing a programming language and be a pro in it.

But the issue is that, I am planning to build a variety of softwares so do you think a programming language will be enough?


If You want to build for the masses, The C family (C, C++, C#, Objective C etc.) Is what You need to learn.

Otherwise, You can start from Java which is fairly easy-going and you can make very cross platform applications on java.

And here’s a masterpiece upon hacking.


So with C families, I will be able to create any software?

I mean, create something like MailChimp, Twitter, Ahrefs, Stripe, etc.


For creating web applications,

JavaScript (nodeJS)
Something like Ruby or Python or C family or any other language of your choice for the core.


Yes. I was meant to clarify it. I mean saying “web apps”.

I will be working as a full time developer (what I am planning to do in future).

Currently 15, going to 16. I before I grown fully, I should have finish learning almost everything (with web apps, mobile app (android and iOS) development.


Start learning kotlin & Java for Android
For iOS You’d need the C family
For WebApps, JavaScript is Your best friend.

Generally speaking, You can port code from one language to another or user wrappers as well but the experience isn’t that great and when You’re at it, why not learn them all one by one? It’ll add up to Your Good.


Thanks @itsbhanusharma. I will do as you’ve said. Thanks for your time! And also a responsive chat.


Looping in @Inevitable & @iamHappy for their opinion :slight_smile: whenever you guys read this, Please do leave your opinion.


But thinking of working as a WordPress expert for some times. To earn more money to get good PC and premium courses.

So to be a WordPress Expert, I think PHP is needed. Am I right?


Don’t invest time on WordPress, rather learn alternatives like Ghost and Classicpress. WP already has a dedicated user and expert group which is very hard to excel unless you’re giving services for free (in that case you don’t earn anything)

Or Maybe invest time on Your actual goal instead.


Learn any one object oriented programming language to core of it, then you can switch between languages easily. For me it was c++.

I would recommend learn a static type programming language like Java or c++ first then move to dynamically typed languages like python, php or Ruby. Doing so you will get a better idea about how programs work.

Worth mentioning that you would need frameworks to make the softwares you wish, no one codes from scratch, that implies learning frameworks after the basics. You can learn all but try to master at least one.


@Malik I think you are trying to think and do too many things at a time, which is not good. You need to select a particular area of development and stick with it.

As per my experience I can suggest the following if you are talking in terms of software developement,

If you want to work in Java platform, you should be knowing the following,
Java, J2EE, Spring, Hibernate,

Then we have the servers. Chat servers, live monitoring system of communcaiton are developed using the following langauges,
C, C++

If you want web applications + machine learning later on, then you can go for

Common things that you should be knowing are,
HTML, CSS, XML, JSON, MySQL, Web Services, JavaScript, jQuery, AngularJS or ReactJS, Design Patterns

So, overall you need to select what you like doing. That’s it.


Awesome! Thanks. You break it down. I will choose wisely :star_struck: :hugs:


Thanks a lot Abhijeet. I will choose wisely, between Java and C++


Start with SOLO Learn app. And follow what Abhijeet says.