I (almost) lost my twitter.


Most of you don't know but before making @itsbhanusharma I had a twitter account by the handle @bhanu_am and It was probably my oldest account on twitter. When I decided to carry forward just one account for each social network, I deactivated that account but it seems like everything wasn't right. Almost 2 Years later I got an email from twitter stating that there was suspicious login activity detected on my account. I checked through my active account and couldn't find any such thing. Then I read the email, It mentioned my old username, @bhanu_am (am stands for AirMagic) and I started investigating further. That account was somehow hacked (I dunno how cuz I assumed I deactivated the account) It had a female name, a lot of sketchy posts and weird scam link in bio. The good thing was that account was suspended by twitter for spammy behavior and hence that was the most they have been able to do till that time.

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