How does TLD affect SERP ranking?


Hello guys,
how does tld affect the SERP ranking? How would you rank .com .net .org .co in this regard? What is the best alternative if .com is not available?


I’m not a SEO expert by any means so I can’t tell you about it but what I know so far about the alternatives is as follows:

If .com is unavailable, first best alternative is .net
if that’s not available look for .co
and if none of those are and Your site is a country specific, try it’s country code TLD e.g. .in .uk etc.
If Your site is generic then you can take the generic TLD for it e.g. for technical, .tech for business .biz and so on.


.co is costing me ₹2150 while .net is available for ₹860. Is it worth going for .co (shorter and fancy looking) rather than .net?


It’s ₹1499 on bigrock right now.


yep. 966 on godaddy. Worth it?


Totally worth it :slight_smile:


Thank you :smiley:


I don’t have any document to back it, but I believe domain name or extension has nothing to do with SERP ranking. The main factor which I have observed over the year was CTR and bounce rate.

Sometimes users don’t click on domains which are entirely irrelevant to there search, but hardly one will care about the extension.

The only thing you should check is that does any other site with the same name having very high authority exists because you won’t be able to rank for your name if it does.

Just my personal opinion rest is up to you :wink:


That’s absolutely correct. However, if I were a reader and were to skip the top 5 results (maybe due to irrelevancy), I’ll go for good looking TDL. People got preference :man_shrugging:


The thing is! Once you make a theory and the big G gets to know about it, they change their algorithm to make sure your trick doesn’t work!