👻 Ghost - The straightforward blog platform


Ghost used to be trash, A very complicated application, difficult to set up and then difficult to manage.

With their release of v2, I decided to spin up ghost again and surely enough, it convinced me enough to host my own blog on it.

Ghost is very simple and focused on writing instead of wasting on things that are less important. The first thing you’re greeted with while you’re trying to write a new post (story) is a Title and a Body input. All of the other things can wait, first priority is to publish the content (The text, the images, the videos etc. ) You get fairly standard SEO options e.g. url edit, tags, except, featured image, publish date and meta data.

With the average understanding of how programming syntax works, there are extensive customization available with a lot of platforms. They also have zapier based automation tutorials which are a plus for making certain tasks automatic (e.g. sharing or notifying).

All in all, the platform has came a long way from what it used to be. much stronger and a real world alternative for those who want to focus on publishing more than experimenting with plugins.


I am impressed by the installation process of the Ghost on a fresh server.

I am thinking of migrating one blog to ClassicPress and another to Ghost.


Depending upon your usage, Ghost really improves the performance numbers.

I remember someone from the other forum complaining that there was no real content so performance has to be good. However that’s not true.

This is a vanilla ghost install on a German server with 100mbps link:


However, I know of the following areas that I can work upon:

  1. Using CDN
  2. Using better optimised Images (Currently all are loaded from unsplash, I plan to use my own with better compression)
  3. CSS & JS minification. I’ll create some nginx rules to make this better.


How caching works on Ghost, is it configured by default?


Per their official documentation:

The recommended scaling and performance approach is to put a cache and/or CDN in front of your blog; pages generated by Ghost are essentially static so there should be very little traffic hitting your Ghost server with a well configured cache.

Additional Notes:

This essentially means that we can put any page cache in front of it (but I don’t think You’d really need it.)


What do you think of their managed solution?

Created a trial site there: https://paritoshnegi.ghost.io/

I think they are proving CloudFlare enterprise plan CDN.



Their managed solution is great. I just self host because:

  1. I like more control over my content.
  2. I’m Poor.

Here is a Good case study of them + cloudflare


This is Ghost after enabling cloudflare (not tweaked yet.)


This is after all CloudFlare HIT requests:


W/O cloudflare


With Clodflare


Free CloudFlare serves from Singapour/London for visitors form India.

Ghost(Pro) $29/mo is a great deal as you are betting CloudFlare Enterprise benefits.

CloudFlare Enterprise is actually faster than DO India server according to my tests.


Problem is the 100k views limit

Plus there is no mention of their SLA for the basic plan.


I don’t understand the reason (assuming the page size) for Your Site to have a better PageSpeed Score but slightly lower Yslow!


I am currently on trial, will report my experience here after a few months.



I dunno I just don’t like hosted solutions (for the reason that I can’t control certain aspects)

Advantages that are pronounced include custom code and control over updates. I can run an older version for an extended period or time while I test my theme with newer version on my localhost.

Ghost themes are notoriously not forward compatible immediately after an update is released.

Real life example: I bought a theme from themeforest and had to ask for refund because I was running 0.9.x and theme was built for 0.4.x and developer didn’t wanted to spend time making it forward compatible.