Feedback/Suggesions welcome


I recently started a blog and am trying to improve the quality of content.

Here is my recent post

All suggestions welcome around the content. I’d highly appreciate all tips regarding improvisation of content quality.


The background image is blurry and pixelated.


Loads fine for me :roll_eyes:



Yes that’s correct, image is originally like that only.

original picture:


It should look like this…


Okay! I’ll see what’s going on. Thanks :hugs:



So it’s a theme bug! … hmmm

Let’s see if I can find something in the theme causing it.

#wrapper > .bg {
	background-position: top center;
	background-size: cover;

This is causing the problem. Commenting out background-size: cover; fixes it. I’m pushing the change to my own theme until it’s fixed by devs.


@Paritosh I’ve just pushed a fix, can you confirm if the issue is fixed or still persists?


Background image looks clear now but it added this blank space at the end :confused:


That probably is due to that scroll effect on wallpaper, using a static position for wallpaper shall fix it. I’ll see what can be done about it.


I have disabled the wallpaper temporarily until I figure out exactly what is going on here.