Feedback on color scheme


Share Your ideas around our color scheme and how it can be made better. Your feedback is important for us. Everything that you recommend will be considered and can make it into the layout if it adds value to the overall appearance.


One thing I’ll be working upon is the logos.
Central should be converted to white because it’s hidden in the grey nav bar currently.


Logo Done, Exploring other weakness.


Not color scheme but maybe fonts can be tweaked?
In mobile, it looks a little too condensed however looking forward to hearing others opinion.


noted! :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:


Actually, I changed to dark theme, which I am kinda used too. So everything is fine for me now.


I’ve reverted back a few things:
Default home layout is back to latest topics against categories.

Custom color scheme is also :boom: and reverted to stock one.

I’m still playing around with the awesome graceful discourse theme and checking if that helps.

I removed my custom font override @Abhijeet and would like to know if that fixed your issue?


Everything looks fine now :wink:


Minor issue here, the logo does not go well with all of the themes. For instance, Theme Graceful. It is hard to read CENTRAL.

Edit: Thanks for the update :slight_smile:


Testing if email replies are working properly.


Yes, These are working Just fine!


I’m working upon it, The related component is installed Now I’m just finding where I’ve left my logos. I’ll upload the logos & update.


It should be fixed. Both, the default discourse theme and graceful now use black logo and dark theme uses the white logo.

Please refresh if you can’t see the changes.


Yes. It’s working great now :slight_smile: